The need to express in pictures his inner world drives him to move to Barcelona (Spain) to study artistic photography and filmmaking. He develops his craft in cinematography and in 2007 receives his degree from ESCAC (Escola Superior de Cinema i Audiovisuals de Catalunya).

He began his career working as a D.I.T. and Phantom Technician for various international brands and production companies. Throughout this process he is tasked with aiding in the making of works shot by world renowned cinematographers such as Barry Acroyd, Ben Smithard, Christopher Doyle, Linus Sandgren, Mario Sorrenti and Samuel Bayer to name a few.

Following his cinematographic training, he begins to aim his lens at the creation of fashion films, music videos, documentaries and commercial advertising. Drawing from his studies and experience in the field, allows him to perfectly combine his great artistic sensibility and extensive technical knowledge, which guarantees that he can adapt to any project and transform any idea into a moving image.

Most recently, he has been directing and producing artistic promotional videos for HEX, an international electronic music brand based in Barcelona.

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